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The Boku payment method is relatively new compared to other conventional payment methods but it is still very popular, especially in the UK casino sites. The company itself has grown tremendously over the past few years and is now located in over 60 countries with more than 200 different platforms that support the payment method. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Boku payment method and tell everything you need to know about this tech savvy payment option.

The history of the Boku Payment Option

BOKU is a company that was created by the team of Chris Harris, Glyn Smith, Philip Meakin, Dr. Steven Gillam and Thomas Kirk in 2003 in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Boku expanded to the United States in the year 2009 and over the past few years, it has been growing and expanding to accommodate more people from different regions around the globe.

What is boku payment?

Boku payment is a platform that offers consumers the chance to pay for various good and online services through their mobile phones. This payment platform is convenient for customers who don’t have personal online or mobile banking services. The Boku mobile payment can be used to buy physical products but, many people love to use it for paying for online goods and services. It’s one of the better choices for online gamblers looking to make deposits on various casino sites.

How to deposit with Boku

The general idea of the Boku payment method is make money deposits using your mobile phone. Boku Payment in UK is no different, requiring only one initial input of your phone number when you make your very first deposit. After that, your number is saved in the payment system and when you make any other future deposits, the number automatically pops up. Once you have finished setting up your Boku mobile payment you can deposit up to £30 everyday into any online casino or service/retail platform. The maximum amount of money you can deposit using Boku will depend on the region you are operating in. Different Boku payment sites will have different regulations and you have do your research before making any deposits.

How to pay by mobile in boku casino sites

Making deposits on Boku payment casino sites is very easy and simple to understand. It does’t require having access to an online banking account or a debit/credit card. Once you have set up your boku payment system as we mentioned above, depositing money into an online casino is quite simple:

  • First, figure out the casino sites that will accept Boku as a payment option. In addition to this, you need to understand the fees you will be charged by each different platform for paying with Boku before you make any final decisions.
  • When signed into the casino sight or app, select your chosen method of payment which in this case will be Boku.
  • Now all you have to do is enter the amount you want to pay then confirm the payment.

You will find that as you are gambling online, Boku payment option is much easier than other forms of betting that require having access to an online banking account or being linked to an e-wallet platform. It’s easy to register for as long a it is available in your country and once you mobile number has been logged into the system, you never have to keep re-entering it on different platforms.

Why use boku mobile billing in a casino?

Casinos, in particular online casinos, are very busy establishments with high volumes of players from different parts of the world. Different countries support different payment systems. You will find that online banking and e-wallets, for example, might be popular and convenient to use in one region but a nightmare in other areas. As such, introduce a simple to use billing system like Boku gives players from different places the chance to make deposits and pay for online casino services efficiently which in turn, benefits the casino in terms of annual revenue.

What are the advantages of using the boku payment option?

We mentioned several times in this article that Boku is an easy and convenient payment method but, there are plenty of other advantages to using it that include the following:

  • It allows customers to register without the need for a conventional online banking account or even debit and credit cards.
  • Personal information is kept private at all times and is never shared with online retailers, service providers or gaming platforms.
  • It accommodates different types of mobile devices and is not unique to one operating system. Furthermore, Boku is also compatible with older smartphones and you need not have the latest Apple or Android device to get access to it.
  • Because you only need to input your phone number once when you register, you never have to worry about remembering passwords or other important details.

What is the transaction fee for Boku?

When it comes to using the Boku mobile payment, there is no set transaction fee for every region. However, merchant charges are generally about 30% if they accept Boku which is much higher than the charge for credit cards. The challenge with this is that merchants can then dictate transaction fees on their platforms and those can range from very little to high amounts. Boku itself has no influence on how much you are charged to make payments or deposits using their payment method. 

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How safe is Boku Payment option

Given how easy and convenient Boku is, there are bound to be some doubts concerning its safety. As we mentioned earlier, the Boku payment method only requires the input of your mobile number once when you register to use it. One of the reasons for doing this is so that customers never have to release personal or banking information with online platforms, services or merchants when they are making their payments. This in turn, makes Boku pretty safe to use compared to other payment methods.