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Getting started with casino bonuses can be a rather confusing process as there are so many different types and each seems to be more complicated than the other. Online casinos are constantly coming up with new ways to provide members with exciting reward opportunities in the shape of a casino bonus, which ultimately make small gaming opportunities possible with additional funds in your account. New casinos are more aggressive compare to old ones since they are trying to get as much as player they can by creating most attractive welcome bonuses. In our article we will explain you various casino bonuses such as casino match bonus, free spins and more.

While all of this seems straightforward, easy and exciting, there are some establishments that push the boundaries with terms and conditions that are simply impossible to reach. Therefore, it is important to choose the best online casino bonuses from a website that you can trust and that has the information you need.

The great news is, you have already overcome the biggest part of finding the best casino bonuses as we have all the information about the most trustworthy online establishments for the UK. We are here to give you all the information on the very best online casinos and the bonuses they provide. We are not interested in featuring establishments that have unfair opportunities or terms and conditions that make casino bonuses full of hassles.

So, get ready for some of the best casino offers available and discover how they work, what the terms and conditions are, and the overall benefit can gain from accepting one of these promotions.

What is a Casino Bonus?

Casino bonusAsking “what is a casino bonus?” would be the first and most important step in your journey to finding offers that really add benefits to your casino experience. To answer this question, you need to understand that there are many different types of casino bonuses, including no deposit bonuses, match bonuses, free spin bonuses, loyalty programs, VIP programs, cashback bonuses and much more.

So, what does all this mean and why is it important? Well, all of these promotional offers are queued to Ward’s giving you more free cash to play the best online games. At the same time, if the casino has to cover themselves from losing too much money while also making the offer fair enough to make it attractive.

Therefore, it is important to know what is a fair casino bonus and what terms and conditions you can expect. It is not like the casino just hand you money and lets you do whatever it is you would like, which is why you’ll find the bonus cash is added to a separate account so you can keep track of it. And so you meet the terms and conditions of the bonus, you’ll not be able to withdraw the funds and it would most likely expire if you do not use it within a certain time frame.

While all these terms and conditions might seem a little uninviting, remember that the casino is giving you a free opportunity to win big and many have done so, even with no deposit bonuses.

What is Casino Bonus Code & What is the Advantages of Using Casino Bonus Codes

casino bonus codeCasino bonus codes were extremely popular just a few years ago and many casinos still use them to this day. These are special codes that consist of letters and numbers to give you an exclusive casino bonus as only you would have access to this code. These are popular with promotional offers that are only meant for a certain level of players or with promotions that are shared with you via email.

There are loads of benefits of using online casinos that provide bonus codes as this would usually indicate that they have multiple bonus options when it comes to a welcome bonus, match bonuses, free spin bonuses and much more. You can simply visit the promotions page of the casino, see the offer that is most compatible with what you desire and copy the bonus code and interact when you make a deposit.

These bonus codes are completely unique with each online casino and some even use them as promotional bonuses, which can be found on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why Online Casino Sites offer Casino Bonuses

casino bonusesThere are loads of reasons why online casinos have come up with this unique way to reward members and to attract new players. Firstly, when all of this started, online casinos were the only ones to provide these special bonuses, which was a great way of getting players to make the shift from land-based establishments to the online world we higher payout percentages and more games are available, all in addition to these promotions.

Today, these bonuses have evolved to cater to a much larger variety of players as they now even cover table games and live dealers. Before, casino bonuses were strictly meant for online slots and players were only able to play a few games. On top of that, the terms and conditions used to be rather than reasonable and the wagering used to be exceptionally high. However, since you are a player from the UK, you’ll have the added advantage of much lower wagering requirements, thanks to casinos being managed by the UK gambling commission.

Casinos still offer these bonuses as a way of attracting players, but now it is not as much getting players from land-based establishments to join, but rather making their own bonuses more attractive than the online casino appearing next to them.

This constant battle between online casinos is a huge advantage for players as the promotional offers keep getting better and the terms and conditions become easier. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on our site as we always find the latest and greatest casino offers with the very best terms and conditions the online world has to offer.

Finally, the final major reason casinos provide unique offers such as refer a friend bonus is to attract players via word of mount. What better way is there to convince new players to join than a brilliant recommendation from someone you already know. Well, online casinos are willing to pay for that by adding an impressive amount of free cash to your account with each referral!


UK Casino Bonuses

UK Casino Bonuses

What are the Bonus Categories Available in the UK

Uk players have a large variety of online casino bonuses choose from, including everything from no deposit free spins through to massive match bonuses and even VIP rewards. This provides a large variety of options, each including a different benefit to further enhance the gaming opportunities that are already available.

No deposit bonuses for UK players tend to be the best in the world as they provide terms and conditions that are not impossible to reach. This allows you to receive free cash from the casino, play the games you like and eventually turn the funds into real money that can be withdrawn once you meet the other terms and conditions of the promotion.

Deposit bonuses for UK players are also highly impressive as casinos catering to British players need to follow the strict rules and regulations of the gambling commission, which once again provides better terms and conditions when it comes to wagering requirements, bonus values and how long you have to play through the offer.

Free spin bonuses for UK players come in various shapes and sizes, starting with no deposit free spin offers that allow you to play selected games and win bonus cash. There are also many casinos that use free spin offers with match bonuses, reward programs or as a no deposit offer for existing members. The terms and conditions are once again better than expected for UK players.

VIP and loyalty programs commonly have multiple levels that provide unique rewards and benefits as you make your way up by playing more games. These programs commonly include a mixture between match bonuses, free spins and other types of rewards that help you enjoy all the games they offer.

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonus

Choosing the best casino bonus would start with knowing what type of bonus you are after. Since there are so many, it is best to start with the type of games you’d like to play as casinos commonly provide unique offers for slots, table games, live dealer games and any other form of games they provide.

If you are interested in playing slots, it is best to look for match bonuses or even free spin bonuses that give you the advantage of playing all the slots they offer. Most online casinos would exclude progressive jackpot games and might even provide lower contribution percentages are the games that provide higher RTPs.

Live dealer offers are usually match bonuses that give you additional cash to use on your favourite live dealer games. Some casinos would allow you to use the same cash on other casino games such as slots, but it is important to read the terms and conditions and see how the wagering works when you play live dealer games or use the same cash for online slots.

When choosing an online casino bonus, the best way to get the ultimate would be to compare the terms and conditions and the match bonus percentage. Going for a higher percentage is not always better as it means you would need to wager more to convert the bonus cash into real money. However, if the wagering requirements are much lower for the casino that has a bigger bonus, it might be well worth the consideration.

What Type of Games are Available for Casino Bonuses

When looking at the type of games available for casino bonuses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just about all the games you can think of work with a bonus of some type. You might need to search a bit more for bonuses that cover video poker and live dealer games, but they are all out there and easily accessed, especially with us as we cover bonuses from all the biggest online casinos.

Of course, the most popular game time for casino bonuses is slots and these are usually the primary focus for most online establishments. These are the bonuses they provide everything from free spins to additional cash and usually include the lowest wagering requirements.

Next, the table games and live dealer options tend to be just as popular, but not all online casinos provide them. The live dealer and table game casino bonuses tend to have additional terms and conditions and the wagering requirements would seem a lot higher as these games are a higher risk for the casino.

Other casino games such as scratch cards are available with just about any online casino bonus, especially the slot offers as the scratch cards include roughly the same return to player percentages and features.

How Much Will you Actually get with Casino Bonuses

This is a popular question for those who are new to online casino bonuses and trying to figure out how it all works. Luckily, casinos provide all the information you need as part of the terms and conditions of any specific offer. Before, you never need to wonder about how much you can claim or what the bonus value would be if you only deposit a certain amount.

If you look at a basic online casino bonus for slots, such as 100% up to £50, you will instantly know what the highest possible bonus value is as it says “up to £50”. This limit does not refer to the amount you can deposit, but rather tells you what the maximum amount is the casino is winning to give as a deposit. Therefore, you have the freedom of making a deposit higher than the value, but the total bonus will only be £50. The 100% part is also important as this tells you how much of your deposit value will be given as a bonus. Obviously, a 100% match means the casino gives you the exact amount you’re depositing. So, if you deposit £35, the casino gives you the same in bonus cash for an account total of £70.

What is the Best Casino Bonus: Free Spins or Cash Bonus?

It would all depend on what the casino has to offer and the games you would like to play. Free spin bonuses tend to provide more benefits to those who are interested in playing slots as it acts as a double bonus, starting by playing free spins on slots and then also giving you free cash from the winnings. The terms and conditions apply to the winnings from these spins, which can either be more or less than you would’ve received from the match bonus.

At the same time, match bonuses are an excellent choice for those interested in getting a set amount of bonus cash, making it much easier to work out the wagering requirements. These are also great for those who want to play a mixture of games, including live dealer games, table games, scratch cards and any other type of casino game. The terms and conditions are about the same as that you get from free spins and other bonuses, which can differ from casino to casino and has to be checked out before you accept a promotion.

How to Pick the Right Online Casino

It is important to remember that casino bonuses are not the only thing you need to check out to choose the right casino. Luckily, we give you all the information you need to select an establishment that has everything required for an excellent experience.

Not only is it important to check out the games they have on offer, but you also need to ensure they meet the licensing requirements and provide banking options that are 100% secure and protect your details at all time. Finally, getting support is also a must, which is just another function we test before recommending casinos to our readers.