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Yggdrasil Sends Fearless Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings go to hell

Yggdrasil Gaming fans have new reason to celebrate, as the award-winning software developer just released pre-publicity video footage teasers of the third slot to soon join its two siblings that built the reputation of its extremely popular Viking series. The third addition promises to be a sequel that arrives fully packed with all the winning action and then some as the Vikings take on hell’s flaming demon, making this the most exciting face off in their biggest battle yet.

Vikings Go Wild launched on the 1st of August 2015 to offer online slot spinners the opportunity to cash in maximum wins worth up to €190,000 across 25 paylines hosted on 5 fast-spinning reels. Vikings Go Wild became available across multiple platforms including Apple / Android mobile devices and desktop offered in a variety of international languages.

Vikings Go to Hell Features

vikings go to hell

Players joined the Vikings as they engaged in slaying the sea monster. Fabulous bonus features guaranteed to boost winnings tremendously in Vikings Go Wild slot, includes up to 24 free spins which receives an even further increase via sticky wilds. The treasure chest offers a combination of up to 12 free spins, wild reels and up to 1,000 coins, while the substituting wild ensures plenty of combination forming action.

Vikings Go Berzerk became the second slot addition to Yggdrasil’s Vikings series launched on the 23rd of November 2016. Following in the footsteps of the extremely popular Vikings Go Wild slot, Vikings Go Berzerk immediately enjoyed favour from the massive Yggdrasil online fan base. The 5-reel video slot offers 24 paylines and while the developer included some of the best features of the first game they also added some insane upgrades. A fabulous addition in Vikings Go Berzerk is the rage meter where once filled players gain access to plenty of free spins.

During the free spins bonus round the Vikings go into Berzerk mode, which causes a winning frenzy and once the fifth reel displays a golden treasure chest bonuses reach a whole new level. Vikings Go Berzerk features a high 96.1% RTP and players can enjoy payouts worth up to a maximum of €500,000, which is all reasons why Vikings Go to Hell is one of the most anticipated video slots in online history.

Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell launches an exciting new addition into the already popular Vikings series in this new chapter Yggdrasil Gaming invites all its fans to participate in the toughest but most winningest battle yet. This time the courageous Vikings face the underworld demons and battles even include sticky wilds in the main game while treasure chests are to appear more frequently. During the free spins action monstrous payouts are bound to fall into place due to the impressive associated multipliers and those brave enough to put up a hell of a fight can expect phenomenal profits.

YggDrasil Casino Sites

Vikings Go to Hell Released to an Yggdrasil Gaming Casino near You

The third adventure in the lives of the enraged Nordic warriors takes place across 25 paylines stretched across 5 fast-paced, high actioned reels, and Vikings Go to Hell video slot will become available across all platforms including desktop and mobile from the 24th of May 2018.

Bonus Features offered in Vikings Go to Hell Slot

Vikings Go to Hell delivers a medium to high variance video slot offering maximum wins worth up to 3,500 times the activating bet, which means it could total up to 100,000 coins. The game caters for all player levels from casual to high rollers and therefore features betting values from a minimum of €0.10 with increments ranging all the way up to €100. Yggdrasil Gaming has always been pretty good at hiding all the finer pre-release details about their bonus features, although we discovered several that are well worth getting excited about:

  • It takes only two scatters for the Vikings to enter a monstrous confrontation and once defeated the demon subsequently transforms into a wild and the reels go into a re-spin frenzy.
  • Collecting rage points becomes an important part of gearing up to face the bigger monsters since it requires a lot of stamina. At the start of each game every participant receives 50 points, with more becoming available every time a you slay another monster.
  • Lucifix, the most powerful of the demons makes his first appearance in the free spins round and players receive 7 free spins to gear them up against the demon overlord. Hit Lucifix three times and winnings benefit massively from 3x multipliers.

Vikings Go to Hell Free Spins Bonus Round

Three or more free spins bonus symbols activate the free spins bonus round during base play, which awards 16 free spins. During this free spins round all four of the powerful Vikings attack the demons at the same time and therefore players not only gain access to massive rewards, but it also becomes the perfect time to gather rage points.

During the free spins bonus the fearsome lord of chains makes his appearance, and three health bars appear above the reels, each Viking must then battle the demon. Every time an attacker triggers a hit on the lord of chains he loses a single health bar and the attacker transforms into a wild. With the lord of chains beaten after depleting all three his health bars, the second level of the free spins mode unlocks. With a hundred rage points earned players are well armed to into battle against Lucifix during 7 free spins.

Treasure Chests Earned during Vikings Go to Hell

Along the path to victory one of the highlights is the discovery of a treasure chest on the fifth reel, these unlock a golden opportunity to earn good tablet or even epic tablet prizes.

  • Good Vikings Go to Hell Tablets contain 7 free spins, 30 rage points and up to 300 coins
  • Epic Vikings Go to Hell Tablets offer up to 16 free spins, 30 rage points, up to 1,200 coins and in the duration of the free spins players can expect to benefit from wilds or additional free spins

Why Vikings Go to Hell is a Slot No One Should Miss

Yggdrasil Gaming created Vikings Go to Hell simply to impress like no other when considering its phenomenal visuals and the associated audio affects fall nothing short of extraordinary. Packed with exciting features, the game offers non-stop action play, with engaging battles, collecting rage points and slaying the underground demons not only delivers players with the challenge they’ve been longing for but also shows profits well worth spinning for.

Boku Casino Sites

Boku Payment

The Boku payment method is relatively new compared to other conventional payment methods but it is still very popular, especially in the UK casino sites. The company itself has grown tremendously over the past few years and is now located in over 60 countries with more than 200 different platforms that support the payment method. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Boku payment method and tell everything you need to know about this tech savvy payment option.

The history of the Boku Payment Option

BOKU is a company that was created by the team of Chris Harris, Glyn Smith, Philip Meakin, Dr. Steven Gillam and Thomas Kirk in 2003 in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Boku expanded to the United States in the year 2009 and over the past few years, it has been growing and expanding to accommodate more people from different regions around the globe.

What is boku payment?

Boku payment is a platform that offers consumers the chance to pay for various good and online services through their mobile phones. This payment platform is convenient for customers who don’t have personal online or mobile banking services. The Boku mobile payment can be used to buy physical products but, many people love to use it for paying for online goods and services. It’s one of the better choices for online gamblers looking to make deposits on various casino sites.

How to deposit with Boku

The general idea of the Boku payment method is make money deposits using your mobile phone. Boku Payment in UK is no different, requiring only one initial input of your phone number when you make your very first deposit. After that, your number is saved in the payment system and when you make any other future deposits, the number automatically pops up. Once you have finished setting up your Boku mobile payment you can deposit up to £30 everyday into any online casino or service/retail platform. The maximum amount of money you can deposit using Boku will depend on the region you are operating in. Different Boku payment sites will have different regulations and you have do your research before making any deposits.

How to pay by mobile in boku casino sites

Making deposits on Boku payment casino sites is very easy and simple to understand. It does’t require having access to an online banking account or a debit/credit card. Once you have set up your boku payment system as we mentioned above, depositing money into an online casino is quite simple:

  • First, figure out the casino sites that will accept Boku as a payment option. In addition to this, you need to understand the fees you will be charged by each different platform for paying with Boku before you make any final decisions.
  • When signed into the casino sight or app, select your chosen method of payment which in this case will be Boku.
  • Now all you have to do is enter the amount you want to pay then confirm the payment.

You will find that as you are gambling online, Boku payment option is much easier than other forms of betting that require having access to an online banking account or being linked to an e-wallet platform. It’s easy to register for as long a it is available in your country and once you mobile number has been logged into the system, you never have to keep re-entering it on different platforms.

Why use boku mobile billing in a casino?

Casinos, in particular online casinos, are very busy establishments with high volumes of players from different parts of the world. Different countries support different payment systems. You will find that online banking and e-wallets, for example, might be popular and convenient to use in one region but a nightmare in other areas. As such, introduce a simple to use billing system like Boku gives players from different places the chance to make deposits and pay for online casino services efficiently which in turn, benefits the casino in terms of annual revenue.

What are the advantages of using the boku payment option?

We mentioned several times in this article that Boku is an easy and convenient payment method but, there are plenty of other advantages to using it that include the following:

  • It allows customers to register without the need for a conventional online banking account or even debit and credit cards.
  • Personal information is kept private at all times and is never shared with online retailers, service providers or gaming platforms.
  • It accommodates different types of mobile devices and is not unique to one operating system. Furthermore, Boku is also compatible with older smartphones and you need not have the latest Apple or Android device to get access to it.
  • Because you only need to input your phone number once when you register, you never have to worry about remembering passwords or other important details.

What is the transaction fee for Boku?

When it comes to using the Boku mobile payment, there is no set transaction fee for every region. However, merchant charges are generally about 30% if they accept Boku which is much higher than the charge for credit cards. The challenge with this is that merchants can then dictate transaction fees on their platforms and those can range from very little to high amounts. Boku itself has no influence on how much you are charged to make payments or deposits using their payment method. 

BOKU Casino Bonuses UK

UK Casino Bonuses

How safe is Boku Payment option

Given how easy and convenient Boku is, there are bound to be some doubts concerning its safety. As we mentioned earlier, the Boku payment method only requires the input of your mobile number once when you register to use it. One of the reasons for doing this is so that customers never have to release personal or banking information with online platforms, services or merchants when they are making their payments. This in turn, makes Boku pretty safe to use compared to other payment methods.

Paypal Casinos

What is Paypal

PayPal is the world’s largest and maybe the most famous e-wallet service with over 100 million members at the moment. It is standard e-wallet that allows you to transfer money to and from other accounts rather fast and easy.

How to Open a Paypal Account?

In order to get PayPal account, you will be asked to provide them with pretty much straight forward personal information regarding your identity and to verify your email. After that, you add your bank account and credit card, as well to complete your registration process.

[alert type=red ]NOTICE: USA residents are strictly forbidden to use PayPal for online gaming. So there are no USA – friendly Online Casinos. Also, players from Australia can’t use PayPal. Other countries that are prohibited from using PayPal for online gaming are Turkey, India and Egypt.[/alert]

Because of really strict PayPal policies and their professionalism, only the most prominent and best Online Casinos allow PayPal as a method for deposit and withdrawal.

How does deposit and withdrawal via Paypal Work?

In order to make a PayPal purchase, you need to deposit real money into your PayPal account. This is done using your Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account or any other legal source. When you deposit money into your PayPal account, all transactions will be easy and fun to carry out. Great thing is that you will not need to provide your personal information to outside websites, just your PayPal account details.

So it is same when you decide to deposit your funds to Online Casino via PayPal all you need to do is to select PayPal as deposit method at Online Casino, select real cash option and enter the amount wanted to deposit, and in seconds your funds will be on Online Casino account.

Talking about the withdrawal of your winnings is as easy as a deposit. Like making a deposit, same with withdrawal you will need just to provide Online Casino with your PayPal account username. Your funds will be transferred at the same moment and you will be able to use those funds to manage them from your PayPal to your Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers or Cheque. There is always a small fee per transaction.

Advantages of using Paypal as a Casino Payment Option

Advantages are really great for those who use PayPal Casino payment option:
- Welcome Bonuses will be really nice for new customers,
- Security is at highest level when you use PayPal as payment, and there is no personal information disclosed, when you use PayPal to deposit into Online Casino you can have full knowledge that your information is safe,
- Timely Payouts as there is no waiting for your funds to get transferred.

Advantages of using Paypal as a Casino Payment Option

Disadvantages are just a few, as it takes some time to get your Credit/Debit Cards linked and there are few prohibited countries and players from those countries are prohibited to deposit money.


UK Casino Bonuses

UK Casino Bonuses

Top Online Casinos

Finding the Top Casino Sites

Just like the discovery of the internet had revolutionised our world, impacted every business, every home and every individual. It globalized the world, reduced and removed distances, opened up alternative ways of communication and unlocked a new wave of entertainment offered by Top Online Casinos. In this article, we will show you the top casino sites and reason why our editors pick those new casino sites. We believe that all our visitors should know how we compare the top casino sites and recommend our users.

The internet can be defined as a global network that connects people, while the list of advantages also includes easy access to information, swift communication and quick transactions. The main benefit once all the advantages are combined remains convenience and this stretches across business, communication, and most of all entertainment.

Partner technological advancements with the most popular form of entertainment and the result are online casinos, endless winning opportunities made possible in the comfort of your home. Millions now enjoy a spin on their favourite 3D slot, anytime of the day or night or race the dealer to 21 in blackjack. Live dealer tables make it possible for players from all over the world to be seated at the same table, communicate and enjoy casino games hosted by a real-life dealer.

Why Settle for Less at Top Online Casinos

With the rapid development of the internet, thousands of casinos launched online to cater to the ever-increasing demand for premier entertainment. As more and more casinos launched it became a competitive environment where generous bonuses are used as marketing tools by operators to attract players.

Online players find themselves in the favourable position where they get to choose where they wish to enjoy the best entertainment. What matters most is security and safety in a regulated environment, which makes online operators regulated and licensed by respectable gambling authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority the most favourable.

We’ve been part of the online casino industry since the first casino launched in August 1996 and created Newcasinoandbonuses.comto provide players with all the information needed to make informed decisions regarding online casinos. promotes only the Top Online Casinos to ensure you enjoy the finest entertainment in a safe environment where RNG-fair games, fast payouts and transparency are prioritized. Our goal is to share our experience and to ensure that every player enjoys a safe and memorable online experience.

How to Select A Top Online Casino Site

top casino sites

What really matters when it comes to choosing Top Online Casinos is the gaming selection, the quality of the bonuses offered, promotions available to existing members, the variety of payment options as well as the availability of assistance offered via customer services. We do have special online casino bonuses page but we wanted to explain your briefly in this page too.

What to Expect in Terms of Game Selection at Top Online Casinos

The main reason anyone signs up with a Top Online Casino is to enjoy the finest gaming selection. Both quality and quantity matters, as even if you’re a keen slots player today, as you get more familiar with online play, chances are that you’d like to enjoy other games.

The gaming selection offered at Top Online Casinos include a whole range of casino game types, these include slots, table games, card games, arcade games, instant win games such as scratchcards, progressive jackpots as well as live dealer games.


Bonuses Offered at Top Online Casinos

Best casino bonusTop Online Casinos utilize a variety of bonuses to attract new members. The most popular forms of these bonuses focussed towards new members include the no deposit free spins bonus, no deposit cash bonus and the welcome packages.

No deposit cash and free spins bonuses are used by Top Online Casinos to reward players for registering with the casino. The free spins or cash are available instantly once the account is active and no deposit is required.To get more infomation about free spins, check our free spins casino page. Even though players take no risk by accepting a no deposit bonus, it is still possible to win cash. Winnings can be withdrawn once the wagering requirements, part of the no deposit bonus T&C’s, are successfully achieved.

Welcome packages normally consist of three up to five, high-percentage bonuses unlocked via the first 3 to 5 deposits. The bonuses part of a welcome package is often combined with a series of free spins released in daily increments across the first ten days of membership.

Top Online Casino Promotions

Top Online Casinos not only offers exceptional welcome bonuses to attract new players, but also have a great variety of promotions in place to retain existing members. The range of bonuses includes reload bonuses, free spins bonuses, cashback bonuses and loyalty rewards. Once players understand the terms & conditions of each of the different promotions it is easy to take advantage of the full benefits.

Advantages of Accepting a Reload Bonus at Top Online Casinos

Reload bonuses also referred to as deposit bonuses are unlocked via a deposit. The bonus is calculated as a percentage of the deposit, most reload bonuses offers a 30% to 50% bonus, which instantly offers the player a much bigger bankroll. The advantages of the reload bonus is that if extends play and increase chances of winning by 30% up to 50%. Winnings achieved by any bonus becomes withdrawable once the T&C’s of the bonus are successfully achieved.

Free Spins Bonuses Available to Existing Members of Top Online Casinos

The free spins bonus is one of the most versatile types of bonuses and is often used in new game launch promotions or any other promotion, such as special holiday promotions, or weekend promotions. The free spins promotion requires the member to make a minimum deposit and the free spins can then be enjoyed on a casino pre-selected game.
New online casinos utilize free spins as a gamification reward and once players reach a new level, their rewards include trophies as well as free spins.

Top Online Casino Cash Back or Second Change Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are available to existing member and this bonus is a percentage of the losses suffered by the player. Top Online Casinos basically provide members with a second chance to win back the money they lost in a previous session and in most cases no additional deposits are required to claim this bonus.

Loyalty Rewards at Top Online Casinos

Top Online Casinos uses the same system as used by airlines to reward frequent players. Members get rewarded via points for every wager and these loyalty points can be collected and traded for cash or bonuses. The points earned also determines the members VIP status and each new level provide increased benefits such as special bonuses and higher point conversion rates. Once members reach the top VIP level, the benefits include dedicated account manager services, invitations to VIP exclusive events, increased deposit and withdrawal limits, anniversary gifts and birthday bonuses or personalised gifts.


Top Casino Sites

Top Online Casino Slots

Top New Online Casinos focus on offering players the latest releases in story-telling 3D slots, 3-reel classic slots, multi-payline video slots and branded slots created in corporation with major brand owners. The latest addition to the immense variety of slots are gamification slots, which features different levels and every achievement unlocks a range of rewards. Great examples of gamification-type slots available at Top Online Casinos include Castle Builder by Microgaming and Viking Runecraft by Play’n Go.

Table Game Variety available at Top Online Casinos

Table and card games include all the traditional casino games, such as Blackjack contemplated as the quintessential game, it pits the player against the dealer in a race to reach 21. Video Poker is an exciting combination of poker combined with spinning action and therefore it is one of the most enjoyed games by both poker players and slot enthusiasts.

Baccarat is easy to learn while it offers impressive odds, it’s a game played between the banker and player. Craps is the perfect option for anyone who loves fast-paced played, in this action-packed game a pair of dice is utilized and thrown by the shooter. Baccarat is the game James Bond often plays in 007 films, while Rouletteis all about selecting the right number. The variety of Poker games continues to increase, and several exciting and unique variation are now available at Top Online Casinos, such as Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and Crazy 4 Poker.

Live Dealer Games at Top Online Casinos

Live casino games offer online players the opportunity to enjoy state of the art games steamed from land-based casinos and live studios in real time. Players get to enjoy TV quality games and a socializing element is added via live chat enabling players to interact with fellow players as well as the professionally trained, real dealers. Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Poker and Live Blackjack games are available 24/7 across multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, desktop and television.

Payment Options at Top Online Casinos

Casino payment options

Depositing cash at online casinos are as safe, if not safer, as making online purchases. Online operators use the same encryption technology that is utilized by banks and financial institutions to protect players safety and privacy. By partnering with the most dependable and reliable payment providers, Top Online Casinos, offer members the safest way to fund their casino accounts instantly and enjoy fast withdrawals of their winnings.

Top Online Casinos accepts several different currencies to ensure depositing and withdrawing are convenient and the variety of banking options include credit cards, debit cards, such as Visa, Maestro and MasterCard as well as eWallets such as PayPal, Neteller & Skrill and eVouchers. Many new online casinos also added cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to their list of accepted payment methods to cater to players who prefer anonymity.

Top Online Casinos offer the most Reliable Customer Services

Customer services are an important factor to take into consideration when players decide to sign up with an online casino. This is one area where Top Online Casinos stand out as their highly-trained customer service team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The supports team can quickly provide answers to all questions and take care of any unclarities instantly.

Several communication options are offered at Top Online Casinos and members can contact the supports team via email, telephone and live chat. Several of the new online casinos also offer assistance via Skype and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while the FAQ displayed in the help section offers answers to all the most frequently asked questions.

Importance of Comparing Online Casinos

casino comparisonAs individuals compare different brands before they make a purchase, it is also important to compare different casinos. There are several factors to compare and these include:

• Safety measures used by the casino to ensure members sensitive data and information remain secured
• Gaming quality and variety, Top Online Casinos offer games powered by world-renowned software suppliers focussed towards RNG-fair games
• Bonuses, Top Online Casinos offer bonuses that provide real value determined by the T&C, including reasonable wagering requirements
• Promotions, by selecting one of our recommended Top Online Casinos, players get to enjoy the best promotions unlocked by affordable deposit requirements
• Comparing the currencies accepted as well as the variety of banking options, plays a major role in funding the account conveniently and gaining access to your winning in the shortest period of time
• Customer services ensure your gaming experience can be without any problems and we strongly recommend play at casinos that offer 24/7 member services and assistance

Land Base Casinos vs Online Casinos

When comparing land based casinos to online casinos the clear winner is online casinos. The list of benefits include, firstly convenience as players get to enjoy games any time of the day or night in the comfort of their homes. This cuts out travelling time as well as the cost of refreshments. Apart from saving time and money, online players also have access to a much larger variety of games, land based casinos are limited by floor space, while online casinos feature hundreds of games and add new titles weekly. Online games also offer a much higher payout rate to the player.
Another area where land based casinos simply can’t compete with online casinos is bonuses and promotions, online casinos do not have the same expenses as land based casinos and therefore have a much larger budget to spent on bonuses. Yet, apart from convenience, higher payouts, 24/7/365 play, the one thing that is unbeatable is that you never have to stand in a queue to enjoy your favourite game.

Is it Legal to play with Online Casinos?

It is legal for residents of the United Kingdom to participate in online gambling at UKGC regulated and licensed casinos. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission focused on ensuring that all players enjoy the safest, fairest online experience and protect children and vulnerable individuals.

Benefits of Gambling exclusively with Regulated Casino sites

The UK market is considered the most trusted and respected region in the world, by joining a UKGC regulated online casino or sportsbook, players rights are protected. The UKGC is known as the strictest and has several robust laws and regulations in place to ensure online players receive their winning in a timely manner and enjoy play on RNG-fair games.

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