Match casino bonus

Match casino bonuses have become the most popular of all offers since online establishments tend to use these the most to provide players with additional rewards. These are the bonuses that give you extra cash when you make a deposit and could even include additional rewards such as free spins.

So, what makes these match bonuses so impressive and why should you consider accepting one of them?

There are loads of information revolving around match casino bonuses that are crucially important for those who accept them. Not only do you need to understand the terms and conditions of these offers, but also know exactly what you can do with a bonus. It happens way too often that players accept a match bonus that is meant for slots but tries to play live dealer games, only to be disappointed by the terms and conditions.

Luckily, we are the casino experts on your side and have all the information you need to get the right information about accepting these bonuses. Not only do we cover information about the promotions themselves, but we also tell you how they work,and the terms and conditions commonly associated with these offers.

Therefore, by the time you have worked your way through this guide and seen some of the best promotions, you will know exactly what the benefits are and the disadvantages of any casino match bonus on offer. So, without further ado, let's get into the casino match bonus details and tell you what they are all about!

What is a Match Casino Bonus?

match bonusAsking “what is a match casino bonus?” is the first step one in finding out more about what these special bonuses have to offer. Luckily, it is not all that complicated, especially when you get your information from online casino professionals who can explain it in a plain and simple manner.

A match casino bonus is a promotion that gives you free bonus cash by matching the amount you deposit with a pre-selected percentage. These bonuses are commonly limited to a particular value and require you to make a minimum deposit.

When you look at a casino promotion page, you might find a match bonus offering 100% up to £50, which means the casino offers a maximum of £50 but matching the amount you deposit by 100%. Therefore, if you only deposit £20, the casino will give you 100% of that, which is £20, giving you an account total of £40.

Now, just to ensure you understand how the match percentages work, let us take a different approach and look at a 150% match bonus up to £100. Now, firstly, the match percentage is different as it offers 150%, which can be translated to a multiplier of 1.5x. It also tells us the maximum bonus value is £100, meaning you can deposit anything you want, but nothing more than £100 will be added as the bonus. So, with 150% match, it means a deposit of £20 would result in a £30 bonus for an account total of £50.

Even though the higher percentage as obviously a benefit, it is important to remember that wagering requirements and other terms and conditions would form part of the promotion. Higher percentages could affect how quickly you complete a bonus and turn it into real money, which we look at in more detail under the “match bonus details to pay attention” section of this page.

The great thing about accepting a casino match bonus is that the cash is added to your account instantly and allows you to play just about any games. This is a brilliant way for new members to get in on the online casino experience, all while having the benefit of additional cash to play and win with.

To keep track of your bonuses and the terms and conditions that come with them, casinos commonly and an account section where you can see everything from the remaining bonus balance, the wagering requirements and other details that might be important and part of the offer.

How to Claim a Match Deposit Bonus

how to claim bonusTo find out more about these excellent promotional opportunities, we need to look at the process of how to claim a match deposit bonus. Luckily, most casinos make it really easy by automatically adding the promotion to your new account directly after you’ve signed up.

This means all you need to do is make a deposit and gain the benefits of a match bonus. However, not all casinos make it this easy as some provide multiple match bonus opportunities. With these casinos, you would need to either select a deposit bonus while going through the payment process, or you need to enter a promotion code that activates the bonus in your account.

If you are an existing player at the casino, you will find most require you to opt-in or the bonuses you desire by other pressing a button on the promotions page or ensuring a promo code, which is found on the promotions page or email sent with the bonus details. Some casinos even have additional steps involved that require you to get in touch with the support team in order for the bonus to be activated.

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All you need to do is read through the terms and conditions to find all the details about how you can add any specific bonus to your account. Alternatively, have a quick chat with the live support team and find out how you can get the bonus as fast as possible.

Once the bonus is activated, simply make a qualifying deposit and the funds will appear in your account instantly. Be sure to look at the terms and conditions as this could also include a higher than usual qualifying deposit value. If you deposit less than the qualifying amount, the bonus while not activate even if you have selected the promotion. Therefore, before accepting any offer, it is crucially important to scan through the terms and conditions and ensure you take the steps to activate the bonus.

Match Deposit Bonus with Free Spins

Deposit bonus and free spinsThe match deposit bonus with free spins has become a popular option for players from around the world. We have already spoken about what a match deposit bonus is and how it works, but now online casinos are adding yet another aspect to the offer by introducing free spins on the most popular games that gives you even more bonus cash.

Of course, this is very exciting as you get to play the games and score more money that can be used later. These free spins are the same as free cash, but the casino simply takes it and converts it into free gaming opportunities at minimum bet. There are also some casinos that increase the betting value for even bigger winning opportunities, which are obviously more attractive.

Many online establishments provide this modern take on casino bonuses by giving you as much as 200 free spins with a match bonus, which is added to your account over the next couple of days, usually 20 spins per day. Some casinos even go as far as choosing unique games to provide on each day you receive free spins. Not only is this an excellent choice for new players who want to find out more about online casino games, but it is also a great way of scoring more bonus cash than you would have with a match bonus.

The process to claim a match casino bonus with free spins is exactly the same as the steps mentioned above for just a match bonus. Some of these offers would include a simple button while others would require additional steps or even promotional codes. Either way, the match bonus and free spins offer is a single package and only requires a single activation.

Once you make your way up to higher reward levels, you’ll find the promotions don’t only get bigger and include more free spins, they also present better terms and conditions that allow you to convert the bonus funds into real money a lot faster. In fact, some online casinos eventually give you these free spins without any wagering requirements, which is a huge advantage as the winnings you make are recently added to your cash account.

How to Compare the Best Casino Bonuses

As mentioned before, most online casinos provide excellent match bonuses that make it a little hard to compare, especially if you are a new player and not quite sure how to check on the terms and conditions and what they mean.

When looking at how to compare the best casino bonuses, you need to consider a couple of factors that play a major role in just how easy it is to convert the funds into real money. Of course, the best place to begin is to look at the actual bonus and what it consists of. Some online casinos would provide an incredibly big welcome match bonus, which might give you thousands in free cash with a massive match percentage, some of up to 500%.

While these massive bonuses might seem attractive to new players, these are the offers you do not want to accept as the wagering requirement totals are simply way too high! Instead, you would want a casino bonus that has a maximum match percentage of 300% as this will keep the total amount you need to wager within reason.

Now, even with casinos offering 300% or less, there are still multiple options to choose from as some would provide a 100% match bonus and others would include a 200% or even higher offer. This is where you would start considering the terms and conditions and work out the wagering requirements for each bonus. We go into the wagering requirements in the next section of this article, which is why we are focusing on other terms and conditions to make it easier for you to find the very best online casino bonus.

If the match percentage is higher, you would want a longer period to complete the wagering requirements and the ideal casino would provide a larger variety of games as well. Also, keep an eye out for withdrawal limits, what the casino has to offer after the match bonus and just the other general terms and conditions of the offer.

This is a great way to get the basics of what an online casino match bonus has to offer and is simply the easiest way to compare them. Keep in mind that some online establishments might provide a 100% first deposit bonus, but also include four other match bonuses that give you a much greater advantage when you looked at as a package. Also, be sure to see if any free spins form part of the package and what their wagering requirements are.

How to Calculate now much to Wager for Match Casino Bonuses

wagering calculationsOnce you have compared all the other terms and conditions of the bonuses, it is time to calculate how much to wager for a match casino bonus. It is actually quite easy to work out how much you need to wager, but you need to understand how it all works for you to get your cash from your bonus account, into your real account and eventually withdrawal. Luckily, the same rule applies to the majority of online casinos, meaning once you understand how it is worked out, you can use the same formula at any other casino to work out the wagering requirements.

Before you even get to the requirements, have a look at the game contribution percentages as this will tell you what games you need to play, and which ones are excluded. If a game has a zero-contribution percentage, it means you cannot use your bonus funds to play that category of games. Some casinos would allow table games, blackjack, roulette and other forms of casino games only to contribute 5% towards wagering, meaning each bet you place would only bring down the total wagering amount of 5% of the betting value used. In most cases, slots and scratch cards tend to contribute 100%, meaning your entire betting value per spin is deducted from the total remaining wager requirement of the bonus.

Firstly, the winnings you score while playing games have nothing to do with wagering requirements as these purely depend on the betting. Some terms and conditions would include a maximum betting value, which is important as the bonus won’t decrease more than that per spin if you wager higher.

A casino that has given you £10 in bonuses and offers 30x wagering would mean you need to play games and wager for a total of £300 (£10 x 30). Therefore, playing games such as slots that contributes 100% with a betting value of £2.00 for example, would take a total of 150 spins to complete wagering. If you play games that only contributes 50%, it would mean only have the betting value is contributed for wagering and would, therefore, require double the amount of spins to wager the same amount.

With match bonuses, you would always want casinos that offer fair terms and conditions, which means wagering requirements of no more than 50x on the bonus value alone. Be sure to read through the information they provide as some casinos might apply wagering to both the bonus and deposit, which allows them to drop the total wagering value.